One down, two to go

I’ve been working hard since January just to get ready for the month of May.  Having several hundred note cards printed and then folding and packaging them; printing almost 50 giclees of various sizes and matting, mounting and packaging them; having a banner designed and printed; buying a new canopy; doing more original artwork and framing it; the list goes on.  I have art events three out of the four weekends this month!

Last Sunday the culmination of all the work began, with the Saratoga Rotary Art Show.  This was the 56th year for the event, so they really have their act together.  Unlike other “festivals”, one has to be juried into this one, and 20% of all proceeds goes directly to charitable causes.  It’s claimed to be “the biggest one-day juried art show in the west”.

I’m glad it was only one day, because it took most of the previous day to set up and it was 85 degrees!  The day of the event was gusty; several exhibitors’ canopies had flipped over during the night, and several more calamities occurred during the day.  Thankfully, my booth was not one of them. 


Inside my booth at the 2013 Saratoga Rotary Art Show

I sold only a few cards, but I got a lot of exposure and opened quite a few people’s eyes to what’s possible with colored pencil, so that was gratifying.


Visitors to my booth in the afternoon

I was exhausted by the time I got home and everything was completely unloaded; I fell asleep on the sofa before 9:30 PM.  If I ever say “I’m going to start doing the art festival circuit”, you’ll know I’ve lost my mind!

Now this weekend is Silicon Valley Open Studios, from my own back yard.  I’m hosting another artist, Angelica Di Chiara, who is an oil painter.  I don’t have to pack up and go anywhere!  But I have to whip the deck into shape, because that’s where we’re going to set up.  The weekend after that is Silicon Valley Open Studios again, but from another artist’s back yard in Los Gatos.  Then, I get a weekend “off” before launching into June, which is chock full of art activities of other sorts.

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