A blog post about a blog post

Jan Looper is a professional art blogger who publishes The Art Scene in Silicon Valley.  She has been profiling a handful of the artists who are participating in this year’s Silicon Valley Open Studios.  There are a bazillion oil painters and watercolorists, but as far as I know nobody else whose medium is colored pencil, so I suspect that’s how she ended up in my studio last week.  We spent a very pleasant couple of hours talking about my journey and my philosophy about my art.  I enjoy opening people’s eyes to colored pencil as a fine art medium, so it was a great opportunity!

One always worries a bit after an interview of any kind, about being misquoted or taken out of context, or having important points omitted.  But this was not the case when she published her profile of me–I couldn’t be happier about it!  She “got” me.   I invite you to read it here: The Beauty is in the Details

Followup 5/7/13: SVOS picked up the blog posting and included it on the SVOS website.

Followup 5/14/13: Jan returned during my open studio weekend and purchased a print of Tree of Character. I didn’t realize what a special event that was, until she blogged about that, too!  See I Did It! I Bought Two Artworks During Open Studios!

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