So hard to decide

When I finish a piece, it often takes me many hours to decide “what next”.  As I write this, I’m on day three of indecision for my first large piece of 2013.  It’s very frustrating–I could’ve finished a small piece by now! 

It’s not that I don’t know what to draw.  Quite the contrary–my problem is that there’s a multitude of subjects I want to draw, and I only have time to finish a fraction of them, so I need to choose carefully how I will spend my time. 

Some artists “solve” this problem by working on multiple pieces concurrently.  But I work serially so I can give a piece my full attention all the way through the process. If I worked on multiple pieces, the year would end with no completed work!

A piece worthy of acceptance into the CPSA International Exhibition will take a significant amount of time to finish–perhaps six weeks–and the entry deadline is March 31.  I’ve narrowed down the possibilities from 15 to 7.  I’ve viewed them at thumbnail size and at full-screen size; I’ve thought about visual impact, composition, color balance, the amount of detail, the technical challenges.

Maybe I should throw a dart.

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