It’s a risky business


It’s a risky business to send a picture out into the world. How often it must be impaired by the eyes of the unfeeling and the cruelty of the impotent who could extend their affliction universally!
–Mark Rothko

Artists are often stereotyped as sensitive, or brooding, or eccentric.  Rothko himself fit all three adjectives.  But artists are also risk-takers.  Art is a risky business, a risky profession, even a risky hobby if you are concerned about being able to make a living, gain respect or simply make something that’s meaningful to you or someone else.  It takes courage to put your work “out there” and even more to keep going no matter what.  This is as true for the hobby artist who dabbles as it is for the most avant-garde art movement-maker. 

An artist friend of mine posted a reminder on his drawing board that says simply “KEEP GOING”.  Exactly!