Four exhibits at once!

Earlier today I walked down the hallway in our home where I hang my finished, framed drawings and stopped:  why does it seem so empty?  I had to sit down with my calendar to realize that it’s because for the first time ever, I have pieces in four different exhibits at the same time!  “Spanish Spices” is in London, “Chorus of the Tulips” is in Sacramento, “Ascension” is in San Jose, and “Monarch #6” is in Los Altos Hills.

This got me to wondering how professional artists who have a large body of work and prolifically turn out more keep track of everything.  Right now I simply have a written list on my computer.  A spreadsheet doesn’t seem adequate, as it doesn’t graphically show the spans of committed time.  I’m going to need something more suited to this task as my body of work grows.  For now, it’s just a nice problem to have!