Egg as drawing surface

egg face front view   egg face top view

A few days ago an idea for a conceptual piece came to me which would require a drawing on an egg shell.  (No, not like an Easter egg of any kind.)  So first I needed to find out if an egg shell will take colored pencil, and if I can shuck out the contents of a boiled egg without shattering the drawing into a thousand pieces.

The answer to both questions turned out to be “yes”!  Egg shell has a very even surface with just enough tooth to take a couple of layers of colored pencil.  I might be able to add more by spraying a bit of workable fixative after those layers.  After drawing, I cracked the back side of the egg and removed chips of shell until it was half gone, then was able to gently shuck out the soft-boiled contents keeping the other half of the shell intact.  This isn’t critical for what I have in mind–I just need for the pieces to hold together–but it’s nice to know it’s possible.

So there you have it, another possibility for a colored pencil drawing surface.

By the way, the drawing on my experimental egg isn’t anyone at all, just a generic face out of my head.

4 thoughts on “Egg as drawing surface

  1. Many years ago we made art on a brown Guinea egg. You take a big needle and poke it at the very bottom. Wiggle the needle around (a big needle like a carpet needle or a needle for leather etc.) Make the hole big enough to get one of those coffee stirring straws in it or the smallest straw you can find and suck away. It’s kind of hard but it will suck out and once you get it started, the rest just falls out of the egg. Be careful not to break it. This way when you are done you could mount it and it will appear as a whole egg. (You can even use some dishsoap etc. to wash the egg out once the inside contents have fallen out. That way it won’t smell later like rotten egg.) I made a naked woman’s torso on an egg, and it really looked nice, very authentic.

  2. Thanks, Delia. Yes, I learned how to do that, too. But it’s a lot of work, and I didn’t need to keep the egg whole for this exercise, I just wanted to see how the surface worked for drawing.

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