Check your frame!

We get reminders almost every day that we should check the work others do for us, whether it’s car repairs, a haircut or a paint touch-up.  But since frame shops take down such meticulous measurements and specifications for a job, it never occurred to me that I needed to do so for them, too.  Until today.

I’d picked up my “Spanish Spices” from being framed a few weeks ago, and hung it.  It has a cream inner mat and dark, warm gray outer mat, museum acrylic over it all, and a simple, dark bronze metal frame.  Nice.  Today as I walked past it for the umpteenth time, something caught my eye.  The acrylic was falling out of the frame!  And more than that, the right mat margin was wider than the left!  How did I, and everyone I’ve shown it to, not notice this margin before?  I immediately hauled the picture to the frame shop.

The shop was pretty embarrassed.  They pulled up the job order on their computer and verified that all measurements had been recorded correctly.  The framer had simply goofed, on both counts.  They will redo the whole job at no charge.

I’m counting my lucky stars that I discovered the issues before the picture is due for any public display.  If I had shipped it off to an exhibit in its current condition, it would’ve been rejected from show, even if the artwork itself had been accepted earlier.  I will inspect finished frame jobs more closely in the future!

Even if your artwork and photos have been on your walls for years, it’s good to check them occasionally for such things as cracked glass or wood, slipping artwork, or missing spring clips.  Protect your investment and/or your heirlooms by taking care of such issues as soon as you can.

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